Wilderness Conservation

One of the outstanding values and reasons for the establishment of the M-KMA is wilderness. To enable protection of this value in the long-term, the Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board developed an operational Wilderness Definition that defines "wilderness," "wilderness quality," and "wilderness characteristics." The Wilderness Definition is intended to assist managers and other users to make appropriate wilderness conservation choices in conducting their activities within the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area.

Rather than remaining as a fixed definition over time, this definition will be tested and revisited to determine how it can be improved.

M-KAB Wilderness Definition

With an overall goal to maintain wilderness characteristics, the Wilderness Definition provides objectives for maintaining wilderness quality including timing of activities, duration of activities, optimising project design, and full restoration of areas affected by the activity.

Activities and element factors considered in the Wilderness Definition include:

  • Access
  • Biodiversity
  • Visual quality
  • Oil and gas activities
  • Forest industry related activities
  • Mining activities
  • Non-industrial, trapping, and recreational activities

Considering the increasing nature of development in the north and implications to wilderness quality resulting from clearing land, development of linear features such as roads, and other activities, the Advisory Board hopes that the Wilderness Definition will be a useful tool to ensure that wilderness characteristics are maintained in the M-KMA for generations.