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Juergen Puetter

Juergen Puetter

Juergen Puetter has a distinguished career of converting innovative concepts into successful businesses.

In 1977 he started Bionaire (indoor environmental control products) and took the company public in 1984 on the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges. He served as President until 1992 when he moved to the West Coast to start Hydroxyl Systems (water and waste water treatment) which he ran as President until 2003. He was responsible for much of the innovation pioneered and developed at both companies.

In 2003 founded Aeolis Wind Power (wind energy developer) which he continues to run as its President. Aeolis was the developer of the first commercial wind farm in BC (102 MW) and continues to develop several large scale projects, some in partnership with Brookfield, Boralex and Enercon. In 2019 the latest project called Moose Lake Wind came on line under the BC Hydro SOP program. 
In 2008 Juergen founded Blue Fuel Energy to produce low carbon and renewable liquid fuels. Blue Fuel is currently developing a large scale refinery near Chetwynd, BC to produce 2.5 Mill/l day of low carbon intensity gasoline for the North American market. 

In 2008 the Government of Canada appointed Juergen to serve as Chair of Sustainable Development Technology Canada, SDTC which he did until 2013. He continued as a member of the Board of Directors until the fall of 2018. 
In 2010 Juergen was appointed by the Premier of BC to serve on the Muskaw–Kechika advisory board as a director which he continues to do so today.

In 2012 Juergen founded Canadian Methanol Corporation to take advantage of Canada’s abundant natural gas and renewable energy resources as well as BC’s strategic location as a global supplier of Methanol . CMC is slated to develop a 5000t/day methanol plant adjacent the Blue Fuel site.

In 2018 he founded Renewable Hydrogen Canada to use low cost wind energy from Aeolis wind sites as the primary energy source for the production of renewable hydrogen on a globally significant scale. The first project, Sundance Hydrogen, developed in partnership with Fortis BC and Macquarie, will be over 150MW with the residual energy from the electrolysis being used to heat large scale First Nation owned greenhouses under the Sundance Produce brand. 

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