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Shawna Case

Shawna Case

 Shawna was appointed to the Board in 2013 and is a respected and active member of the Board.  She works for the Kwadacha Nation as a Lands and Resources Manager and has led and/or participated in the creation of a Treaty Toolkit and the initiation of a referral process for the Kaska’s Strategic Engagement Agreement.

She started work at 11 years old in the Fort Ware store.  Shawna graduated in 1977 and the following year (until 2005) was a teacher’s assistant.  She is attending the Thompson Rivers University to earn her Bachelor of Business and hopes to complete her studies soon.

Shawna is involved in many initiatives as a Lands and Resources Manager for the Kwadacha nation such as being a Kaska Land Guardian Supervisor in the Kwadacha, participating on fish and wildlife working groups, a Mineral Exploration working group, and a First Nation working group for the fish and wildlife compensation program.

In her spare time, Shawna’s favourite hobby is fishing.  She is blessed with seven children and an 11-year marriage.

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The M-KMA includes Parks and Protected Areas where resource extraction is prohibited, and management zones where resource extraction may occur, according to higher standards than elsewhere in the province (e.g. best management practices for oil and gas development).