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Johnny Mikes

Johnny Mikes

Johnny started working on expedition river rafting trips as a boy with his father in the Chilcotin country the early 1970's, and went on to operate and guide wilderness river, hiking and natural history trips for over 30 years in the Yukon, Canadian Arctic, and especially in many of the most remote parts of northern BC.

He has been on the ground in much of the Muskwa-Kechika and continues to do trips on foot and on water to experience more corners of it. Johnny has participated in several BC regional land use planning processes over the last two decades.

Today Johnny does work as a conservation advocate in northern BC and on the recovery of at-risk grizzly bear populations in southwest BC.

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Translated, Muskwa means Bear and Kechika (Ketchika - Táhdáséh) means long inclining river